Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation

To meet the growing demand for quality, excellence, and patient-centered care, PLUS medical specializes on long-term care and rehabilitation services in the United Arab Emirates.


If recovering from surgery or injury or relying on intensive long-term care for other reasons, many patients find the treatment and services of conventional hospitals to be inadequate for their specific needs and medical requirements.


As our body is our most powerful tool, we strive to provide best possible therapy and care for optimal recovery and rehabilitation, and to serve our clients safely and with outstanding hospitality.


PLUS medical is leading in multidisciplinary rehabilitation of patients who require long-term medical supervision and treatment. We offer the most comprehensive front-to-end services that cover all rehabilitation aspects.


Our physicians, nurses and therapists employ the most recent evidenced-based treatments and services to ensure that our patients can return to their normal life in the shortest time possible.


Offered services include occupational, physical, psycho-social, speech and language, and respiratory therapy, dietary consultation, special needs education and a variety of social events.